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06.09.2021 11:23 - Human Creation and Legacy of Purity - Part I
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 Todor A. Dimitrov


This manuscript has the purpose to prove that the human being should keep a defined level of purity – mental, biological, and social, and to prove a coincidence between the time of biblical creation of the man and the latest scientific studies on human Y-chromosome. The research starts with a definition of the human indications which makes possible to compare Homo Sapiens with other prehistorical human species. There are summarized results from many scientific studies on human genome and apes’ genomes to set an accent on our divergence which appears to be much more than officially stated in the media 1.5%. Then here are analyzed two different ancient sources for trails about the existence of the modern human – Sumerian and Hebrew. The human creation is treated in the religious style of these sources, one of which is very well known today and is used by the Christianity too, considering the question of the age of creation, compared with the latest scientific research of the human Y-chromosome.


What makes us humans? Let us generalize the indications of being human. They could be sorted in two groups – primary and secondary. Primary indications: walking upright on two legs, thinking logical mind, using tools and products, speech, social life, moral value system. Secondary indications: tool and product invention, environment of family order, complexed social order, and complexed system of laws. If we remove only one from the primary indications, the humanity will disappear or will be fractional because every component is connected strongly to others, even genetically connected (constitutional). Imagine, if there is no moral value system - every man will be a narcissistic monster whose self-control depends only on fear, a creature without mercy and respect, and whose survival will depend on others" destruction. Such a "human" race will not survive at all. Without social life we cannot support speech and moral system and we would live in harsh conditions in which we should have very strong bodies, high intelligence, and inventive mind to survive alone. The breeding in this case is almost impossible except inside the family, which leads to mutations, lack of moral, difficult relations, situations of difficult survival. Considering the incest between humans inside a family, the result is always negative - genetically and mentally. There you will not find any purity, but you will find degradation, not evolution. Such cases are described in many ancient scripts from Egypt to the Middle East which are connected to many lethal endings. If we remove one of the secondary indications, humanity still could be saved, depending on the individual genetic constitution and development.

 What is the source of the culture? The speech and the script. These two abilities develop us mentally and emotionally. This way we support our soul (in the case we have it or developed it). The gene, responsible for this ability and many others, is called FOXP2. We are able to speak just because its last modification, reached during the last 200000 [1] years. The borderline between a genetic change and phenotypic change still is not scientifically fixed but our modification is considered as a change. This gene is presented in the genotypes of all mammals. The closest modification of it is found in Homo Neanderthalensis which gives us only the suggestion they could have the ability to talk. There is another evidence of their ability of communication - shared burial caves of both species, used in a same time, found in Skhul Cave, Mount Carmel, Israel [2][3][4][5][6][7], the La Ferrassie cave in the Dordogne valley of France [8], and in Siberian cave in which are found remains from Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans [9]. In the Siberian cave the remains are dated to a same time too. According to the archaeological discoveries, Neanderthals who disappeared 40 000 y. ago have walked upright on two legs, have used tools, have been dressed in leather clothes, had special burial practice like practices in our known ancient culture [10], have taken care about their disabled ones. Scientists agree that Neanderthals should be considered to be humans too. The point with the gene FOXP2 is that it instructs the production of a protein, a transcription factor, which controls other genes" activity and plays important role in brain development [11]. Genetic research estimated the divergence between genomes of humans and chimpanzees with 1.52 % difference in nucleotides, and with final estimated divergence of 2.37% when the repeats are excluded [12]. Another larger genetic research estimates 1.23% difference in nucleotide substitutions plus additional 1.07% CpG mutations (cited in a note to a supplementary drawing) which makes 2.3% divergence between the two species" genomes. Because CpG sites are coding sites of proteins, and nucleotide substitutions in the DNA are true changes, this research concludes the results to be normal for the present divergence between humans and chimps [13]. We should not need to fall in panic because of these numbers. These numbers actually are expanding into a huge gap between our species because they are multiplying the biological and visual divergence. Much bigger is our divergence between chromosomes which are most important for the mentality of species - 83% of all 231 coding sequences between chimp chromosome 22 and human chromosome 21 [14]. This comparison is analyzed because these two chromosomes are relevant to each-other in their functionality and structure. The other very important difference is that we have in the number of chromosomes between the genomes - in human they are 46, in chimp they are 48. There are many other differences between versions of many genes like FOXP2, MCPH1, ASPM, MAST2, Caspase 12 [13] which take important part in our mentality. There are 95 more insertions of retroviruses in our DNA than in chimps, several hundred more insertions from provirus K111, and several dozens more insertions from provirus K222 versus only 2 insertions for these viruses in the chimp DNA, and there are many other insertions in the human genome that distract our CNS and body systems [15]. The stop codon site in Caspase 12 that cause to humans Alzheimer"s disease is not present in the apes" genomes, although their aged individuals accumulate plaques on their brains like humans [13][25]. There are many differences in genes that are involved in the immune response against various pathogens: IFNAR2, IFNGR2, CXADR, ITSN1 and CRYZL1 [14]. Obviously, we are not apes at all and obviously we are not that pure, as we think we are. We are not apes until we lose our humanity, which is consisted in our mental structure and volume - our two mental systems: 1 - strong system of logical thinking along with the memory, 2 - complexed system of codes of laws and rules. The normal human being resolves everyday equations and matrixes of laws and rules because of their connections and complexity, and this is the way it should be. In these equations we will find feelings with their equations and particularly the feeling called "love" with all its consequences.

What is the difference between Homo Sapiens and the other hominid species? It is not just in our anatomical shape and look. It is in our creative, cognitive mind. The real evolution started with us after we discovered the agriculture (9000 BCE in Mesopotamia and Egypt), the script (12000 BCE in China only for divination, 3500-3000 BCE in Mesopotamia, Sumer, for communication and trade [16]), the sophisticated tools and technologies - weaving (10000 BCE in Middle East), pottery (about 14000 BCE in Japan and 8000 BCE in Egypt), architecture (9000 BCE in Turkey, Goebekli Tepe, unknown culture, 8350 BCE in Levant, Jericho, Natufian culture, 4100-2900 BCE in Mesopotamia, Uruk [17], 5000 BCE in China [18]), metallurgy and metalworking (about 5000-4000 BCE for copper in Mesopotamia , 5500 BCE in Serbia (southeastern Europe)). There is something curious. We didn"t discover nothing like that within 200 000 years, even between the last two Ice ages with a gap of 30 000 years (140 000 to 110 000 y. ago), and after that we did all of them in one small period of time after the end of last Ice age (nearly 11000 y. ago).

In the Five books of Moses, book "In the beginning" (translation from Hebrew), known as "Genesis", is exposed a little part of the story of creation of the man by Anunnaki ("Those who came down from the sky" - translation from Sumerian language) civilization from the famous Sumerian scripts, found on cuneiform tablets in the city of Sippar from the Sumerian period of the city of Uruk [19][20]. They have been found in 1849 by Sir Austen Henry Layard when he found the city of Nineveh [21][22]. Now we have their translation and several Sumerian epics appeared in our literature: Enuma Elish, Atrahasis, the 14 tablets of Enki, King List, Gilgamesh (found in Nineveh by Sir Austen Henry Layard and Hormuzd Rassam in 1853), etc. If we did not know these tablets exist, we would think that the book "Genesis" describes the story of Creation for the first time in the human history. According to this book, the creation of the first man occurred 5781 y. ago (this article is written in the year 2021). But as we already know, the weaving, pottery, metallurgy and metalworking, and architecture are dated to an age before that, as like the man kind called Homo Sapiens too. But what happened then? It has been found by the archaeology. First was the start of Copper (Chalcolithic) age (5000-4000 BCE). Second was the first Mesopotamian temple and the first urbanization in the region of Sumer but before the Sumerian civilization. According to Encyclopedia Britannica [23], before Sumerians another culture has lived there called Ubaidians or proto-Euphrateans, named for Tell al-Ubaid, who have not spoken Sumerian language but around 4500 BCE the region has been conquered by Semitic people - the Sumerians. Third is the script 3500 – 3000BCE in Mesopotamia, started by the Sumerian people.

Let us see the results about this time from the genetic research on human Y-chromosome haplotypes about the period 8000 - 5000 y. ago [24]. In this period have appeared next haplotypes of Y-chromosome: G2L166 descends from G2aL91 8000 y. ago (it is the only one split at that age) that has been common for Anatolian farmers, Sardinian, and Corsican farmers, I2aL161 is common for Western Europe, R1bL11 for Western and Central Europe, and all other haplotypes found in Europe, Northern Caucasus, Steppe belt in Russia dated to 5000 y. ago. In Iran there are prehistoric haplotypes and new ancient European haplotypes from nearly 5000 y. ago. All the other haplotypes are ancient, formed more than 10000 y. ago. The most ancient haplotypes have been preserved to present times in Southern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, Oceania, and America – all dated from 50000 to 40000 y. old. There are five main time points of split in the human genetic history: first has happened 65000 y. ago, second - nearly 47000 ago, third - nearly 45000 y. ago, fourth but not so expressive - 15000 to 10000 y. ago (connected to the end of last Ice age), fifth and the most massive - nearly 5000 y. ago when many peoples have been born in the Near Middle East, Caucasus, Europe, and Scandinavia. This research, along with the exposed inventions of metalworking, architecture, and script, shows that a sort of “creation of man” really has happened about 6000 to 5000 y. ago.

What is the main point in the story of man creation? Receiving the human soul from the God Creator – a new kind of soul or may be a small gene modification. In Gan Eden our Creator has checked every day whether first people will evolve or not. After He has found that Adam and Havah (the original of “Eve”) started to understand and "know", He has pushed them (in the book is written "sent off" and "expelled") to live free and to bear the first generation of new people. If Adam and Havah have not started to understand and evolve, they could not give any normal generation, they could not survive alone without help and the new mankind could not exist. The Sumerian story of creation is not completely the same but more accomplished and we find in the text Gan Eden too. In their story the first people have been 6 women and 6 men, born by Anunnaki women, by the directions of a leading Anunnaki woman under the management of Enki after previous unsuccessful experiment (epic Atrahasis). The purpose of the man creation, according to this story, is creation of race of slaves who must perform the harsh work instead of Gods who have been exhausted after 3600 years of rogue work with the ground. Most important is the moment of start of our knowledge when we have understood that we have been primitive. All the evolutionary work on our minds, souls, and bodies in that moment and later, has been done by some crucial modifications. However, we owe our evolution to genes like FOXP2, ASPM, MAST2 but only humans have the stop codon of Caspase 12, last one of which makes us to forget. 600 years after Creation, Anunnaki in the face of Enlil have sent a strong disease to humans with the purpose to wipe the human race out because of humans" bad behavior but we survived. Then Enlil have caused the Flood, but Enki helped a human family to survive - the same Enki who managed the creation of man. What we see in the Bible, is intentional and designed transition to monotheism with the purpose to escape all those uncomfortable stories about struggling between controversial gods, to escape the purpose of creation of semi-intelligent race of slaves called "Adam". The word "Adam" is also present in the Sumerian text. It is better to believe in one Omnipotent Almighty God Creator because it is true. There is such a power, and it gathers all physical laws and powers that we do not know yet in one system whose implementation we call Universe - complexed system of matter. Just imagine that we perhaps evolved and survived after all because of the will of that power. Now imagine this power is intelligent…

We survived after all catastrophes and after so many insertions in our genes from viruses, bacteria, and fungi [26]. Even in a healthy human being, the virome and other microbiota do exist, and wait for his weakness. The human civilization still does not understand its existence as human depends on the ability to keep our Nervous system intact – mind, feelings, and conscience. But to keep whole this treasure, we should achieve a secure level of purity of our bodies because all those primitive microbes and parasites destroy not only our bodies but our entity too. You must realize that one tiny microbe like COVID-19 teaches the human civilization to be humbler and purer. Why is that happened? Because of our lack of wisdom may be? We fight to develop our intelligence, but without our humanity we will be lost. People are turning into semi-intelligent wild freaks who can work with tools. The true high intelligence belongs to a small percentage of people with developed mind and high-developed value system. Without the purity of our mind, bodies, and souls, we are not complete, we will get lost. 3200 y. ago a survival plan appeared that is called the Five books of Moses where the most important given order to the people was to be pure before Lord: "And perform all My commandments, and be holly for your God" (Torah, Bamidbar (“In the desert”)/Numbers 15:40). In the beginning He already has told the people to multiply and to make families, He has given the planet and animals to Adam and his offspring, He has made for them clothes, He has given to them knowledge with the "forbidden" fruit (in a very smart plan), and now He wants his people to be holy before Him with the purpose to survive and multiply. To be pure does not mean to stop live, love, think, breath, eat or multiply. Absolutely not. There are different levels of purity of body, mind, emotions, relations in the family and in the society, but we need to gather them in the most acceptable form. In the near past the world found many ancient sources of laws and rules from Sumer, Babylonian empire, Hittite empire, Hellenic empire, and other ancient peoples, but the books of Moses served to the world as a core for the codes of law and justice in our world because they have been translated before the current era by the order of the dynasty of Ptolemy and that is why have been well known. That means the ancient humans have had a sense of purity and justice, but the richest source of laws has been found in the books of Moses.



From the exposed indications of humanity and genetic studies we should conclude that the modern human is different from all other species genetically, anatomically, and physiologically, is not designed to live like an animal, and must keep a defined level of purity – mental, biological, and social. From the comparison between the timeline of the human Y-chromosome splits, the archaeological dating of the first script found in Mesopotamia, and the age of Creation described in the first book of Moses, named “Genesis”, we can conclude there really is a coincidence.



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